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High Anterior Resection

High Anterior Resection is a type of colectomy (that is, the surgical removal of a part of the bowel), sometimes also referred to as Sigmoid Colectomy or simply Sigmoidectomy, where the sigmoid colon, which is the last section of the colon before it connects to the rectum, is removed, along with the upper rectum and a portion of the left colon.

High Anterior Resection is a commonly used procedure for bowel cancer and diverticular disease and can be performed using laparoscopic or conventional surgery techniques. The procedure involves the bowel being isolated from attachments within the abdominal cavity, including its blood supply, then the affected section of the bowel is removed (this is the resection itself) and the remaining sections of the bowel and rectum are reconnected using stapling or stitching.

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Other related medical terminology

Proctosigmoidectomy - removal of the sigmoid colon with part or all of the rectum.

Proctocolectomy - removal of the entire colon and the rectum.

Total Colectomy - removal of the entire colon.

Subtotal Colectomy - removal of a section of the colon, or all of the colon but without removing the rectum.

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